Saturday, 23 February 2013

How to use Excel COUNT functions

Excel has several functions for counting the number of cells that meet specific criteria:
  • COUNT(value1value2,...): Counts number of cells (or arguments) containing numbers
  • COUNTA(value1value2,...): Counts number of non empty cells (or arguments)
  • COUNTIF(range, criteria): Counts number of cells meeting the criteria
  • COUNTIFS(range1, criteria1range2,criteria2,...): Counts number of cells meeting all given criteria
  • COUNTBLANK(range): Counts number of empty cells
  • There are also functions DCOUNT and DCOUNTA, but I will handle those later
Following video demonstrates the usage of COUNTX-functions:

Tip: If you have difficulties to see the video, try to maximise it from lower right corner:

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